Monday 25 March 2019

Tash's Toolkit- TOO many TOOthpastes

Spoilt for choice?

Even I get overwhelmed in a supermarket dental department.
Thousands of brand names with even more speciality types which target different areas.

But what if you want to target two areas?
What if your gums are bleeding AND you get sensitivity to cold?

Or if you want to 'grow back your enamel' (you can't) and prevent sensitivity and stop your gums bleeding AND make your breath minty fresh. TOO MANY OPTIONS.

So many of my patients are making the effort to buy the right toothpaste for them, but are not receiving the results they would like.

I would like to break down a few of the toothpastes which I have found work the best for different situations... these opinions are based on my patients experiences after some guidance and my own experience.

Steps to choosing the right toothpaste:

1: Would you like to prevent holes forming in your teeth?

Yes:        Use any FLUORIDE containing toothpaste                                                                             
ALL toothpastes I recommend will contain this.

Some good all rounders are:

  • Colgate total
  • Oral B Pro expert
Image result for colgate totalImage result for oral b pro expert
No: please carry on reading so I can change your mind, but if not this may not be the site for you.

*for children make sure you use the correct concentration for their age range, see below.

2:  Do you get sensitivity to cold?

  • Sensodyne Repair and Protect                                                                                                    Builds up a gradual layer to provide a long lasting relief
  • Sensodyne Rapid Relief                                                                                                          Works in 60 seconds to provide immediate relief - shorter lasting than the repair and protect
  • Colgate Pro-relief                                                                                                                              The colgate equivalent to Sensodyne repair and protect

Image result for colgate pro relifImage result for sensodyne repair toothpasteImage result for sensodyne rapid relief toothpaste

No: Lucky you.... onto the question

3: Do your gums bleed?

Gums bleeding cannot be solved by toothpaste alone, you need to physically remove all plaque with regular hygiene sessions at your dentist, an electric toothbrush twice a day, daily flossing and interdental brush use.

If you are already using those methods and are looking for a little extra help...
  • Corsydyl daily                                                                                                                                  
See the source image
No: Fantastic... onto the next question...

4. Do you suffer from frequent ulceration in your mouth?

It is important to ensure you get this checked and diagnosed by your dentist, if you do not frequently suffer from ulceration or have had a painless ulcer lasting two weeks or longer ensure you get this checked by your dentist..... Back to toothpaste...

Yes I get ulceration:
SLS                 (Sodium- Lauryl- Sulphate) a foaming agent.

SLS is a safe ingredient and will not cause damage in any products, a lot of people are slightly intolerant to a this common ingredient in many toothpastes.
If you suffer from ulceration try an SLS free toothpaste as SLS may increase the inflammation slightly.

SLS Free toothpastes:
  • Sensodyne Pronamel
  • Sensodyne Repair and Protect
Image result for sensodyne repair toothpasteImage result for sensodyne pronamel
No- brilliant onto the next...

5. Do you want to whiten your teeth?

Yes- Step away from the toothpaste and go and visit your dentist

Whitening toothpastes are mainly abrasive and will sand down the layer of your beautiful strong white enamel, this will give a whitening effect but in the long run as your enamel thins your yellow dentine will show through leading to yellow and sensitive teeth.

So to conclude:

If you have:

- Sensitivity ------->   Colgate pro-relief,
                                    Sensodyne repair and protect 
                                    Sensodyne rapid relief.

- Bleeding gums: any toothpaste really check your technique , but Corsydyl daily otherwise.

- Ulceration -------> Sensodyne Repair and Protect or
                                  Sensodyne Pronamel.

- Ulceration + Sensitivity:  Sensodyne Repair and Protect

Al of these contain fluoride and will provide protect against cavities.

If you have children: (Make sure you don't put too much on the brush).

Any toothpaste brand really but avoid Corsydyl and ensure the concentration of fluoride (ppm) is correct.

0-3 year old : smear of at least 1000ppm fluoride toothpaste.

3-6 years old: pea sized amount of at least 1000ppm fluoride toothpaste.

7 years or older: pea sized amount 1350-1500 ppm fluoride toothpaste.

If your child is very young and you are worried about your child swallowing too much you can use this fluoride free training paste from Aquafresh...

Kids 0-2
 If children are struggling to brush you can get disclosing tablets, get them to chew on it until it dissolves at night time, this will stick to the bacteria and food and then they can clean it away!

Image result for disclosing tablets tepe

Or you can test how well they are brushing by getting them to brush and then do it!

Just make sure that you don't do it before school as the teeth may have a coloured tinge...

Buy disclosing tablets from here....   they are a bit tricky to find in shops.


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